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Idea to (Prototype to Solution to) Product

You’ve got an idea. You might have prototyped it. Is it a solution? Or is it a solution in search of a problem? How urgent and important is it to solve the problem? Does the solution address and resolve the problem demonstrably better than existing alternatives available to your target market, including the do-nothing option. Many “solutions” do not pass this test. Emertel can help you ensure that you are targeting a validated target problem that can be evidentially addressed - based on encouraging lab / certification agency test results. At this point, should you patent it? (Hint: It’s often unnecessary)

You like your solution and believe it has merit. It is better than the alternatives? What’s truly and demonstrably better? More features or excellence in a particular feature is sometimes necessary, but hardly ever sufficient. Higher value (sometimes misread as lower cost) than prevailing alternatives is often required. Consider how can that value delivered and (simply) proven in the minds of the (typically attention-starved, time-poor) buyer/influencer/user that matters. The value must extend to how the product/solution is installed, used, supported and evolved.

At this stage, you have a solution. But it may not yet be a product. A product means it has established fit (desirability based on value) with the market.

It is worthwhile at this point to consider how the value will be created, captured and sustained by your business.

As part of our Idea to Product service, Emertel offers:

  • A free initial assessment – contact us for a no-obligation initial 30-60 minute discussion (can be undertaken under NDA)

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Problem-Solution validation

  • Idea/Innovation Landscape Assessment

  • Value to Feasibility / Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Market Assessment and Business Modelling

  • Patent Viability Assessment

  • Local market RF, EMC, Safety Certification

  • Local market product testing and accreditation

  • Bill of Materials Analysis and Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

  • Local solution hosting

  • Product Masterplan creation

  • Among others…

Have a specific query? Contact Us.

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