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Emertel partners with B2B and B2B2C platform companies to accelerate product-market fit, offer relevance, and market traction for capital-efficient growth across the Indo-Pacific.

Our advisors, present in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and India, offer decades of experience building businesses that digitise critical infrastructure and essential services.

Our differentiators:

  • On-Demand & Aligned Engagement Model: This means we succeed when you succeed.  Our committed team acts as an extension of yours. Working together is a collaborative, co-creative experience. 

  • Turnkey: We uniquely offer a  complementary and turnkey approach - combining qualitatively deep relationships and quantitative "growth hacking" for direct and data-driven outreach

  • Values: We prioritise learning over knowing, relationships over transactions and creating shared value - with a view to enriching lives, communities and the Earth.

 Telecom & Media

Our focus:

  • OSS Fulfilment and Assurance Systems

  • BSS Billing & CRM Systems

  • 5G, NFV, SDN

  • Cellular and LPWAN Networks

  • IoT Platforms

  • Audience/Customer Engagement


Our focus:

  • Cold-chain assurance

  • Provenance – farm to fork

  • Customer 360

  • Loyalty Management

Health & Education

Our focus: 

  • ​Biotechnology

  • Digital Wellness

  • Home-based Healthcare

  • Remote/Hybrid Learning & Working


Energy & Utilities

Our focus:

  • ​Energy Efficiency – New & Retrofit

  • Smart Home Energy Management Systems

  • Grid/VPP Orchestration & DER Management Systems

  • Energy Trading & Risk Management

  • Water/Gas/Electricity Automatic Meter Reading 

  • Home Safety: Water/Gas Leakage Detection & Pressure Monitoring

ICT, Data & Cyber

Our focus:

  • ​IoT Platforms & Digital Twins

  • Network & Cloud Orchestration

  • Computer Vision

  • Cloud, Edge & Multi-Edge Computing

  • Data Mesh, Fabric, Hub

  • Low-code/No-code platforms

  • PII Discovery, Data Masking

  • Privacy & Security


  • PII Discovery & Data Masking

  • Tokenisation

  • Test Data Management

About us
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Emertel Indo -Pacific
Product, Market & Business Development
Idea to Product I Product to Offer I Offer to Market




Offer to Market:  Xelence by Sagitec enterprise low-code application development platform - Australia.


Product to Offer: Offer localisation for Real-Time Data Fabric, Customer 360, Data Masking and Data Integration Solutions

Offer to Market: Australia, New Zealand, Japan; Telecom, Retail, Banking

Idea to Product: DIY-install holistic usage energy monitoring 
Product to Offer: Offer localisation

Offer to Market: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore; Energy & Utilities; 






Idea to Product: Cloud to Edge IoT Platform for Water, Gas, Electricity Utilities and Municipalities. 
Product to Offer: Offer localisation

Offer to Market: Australia, Japan, Taiwan; 10x revenue growth.





​Idea to Product: Cloud to Edge IoT Platform for Telecom Service Providers / Smart Cities
Product to Offer: Offer localisation

Offer to Market: India, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan; >$50M TCV



​Idea to Product: Concept to Commercialisation of Telstra’s Cloud Infrastructure as a Service & Desktop as a Service portfolio 
Product to Offer: Offer localisation

Offer to Market: Australia; $0 to 1B+ revenue

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Our team

Sundar Iyer
Managing Director & Telco/Utilities Platform Businesses

Experience: 23+ years commercialising emerging technology solutions from Finland, Silicon Valley and Israel in Asia-Pacific in the utility and telecom verticals

Education: B.E(EEE)(1st Hons) (Auck) MBA (Exec) (Dist) UNSW)

Languages: English, French, Tamil

Location: Melbourne, Australia

  • LinkedIn
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Jay Shah
X-Vertical & Quality Engineering

Experience: 15+ years as an agile program/project manager/scrum-master across multiple verticals and countries.

Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Gujarat University)  MBA (MBS)

Languages: English, Gujarati, Hindi

Location: Melbourne, Australia

  • LinkedIn
Jay Shah.png

Chris Panopoulos
Energy, IoT, Business Development &
End to End (E2E) Product Development

Experience: 15 years + experience in Industrial engineering, product development and business development in energy, manufacturing, IoT and B2B offerings.

Education: Masters degree from Central Saint Martin UAL London in Industrial Engineering

Languages: English & Greek

Location: Melbourne, Australia

  • LinkedIn


Sang Soo Jeong
Telecommunications, Electronics Manufacturing, Edge Computing, NFV/SDN

Experience: 25+ years leading teams in Communication, Entertainment Solutions, Sales Management, Telecommunication and Device Manufacture and Business Strategy.

Education: Masters Engineering (Computer Science)

HanYang University, Seoul

Languages: Korean, English

Location: South Korea (Seoul)

  • LinkedIn
Sang Soo Jeong.png

Yoshio Matsunaga
IoT/M2M, AI, Digital Marketing, VR/AR, Wearables, Embedded, Digital Education

Experience: Helped >10+ high-tech start-ups successfully enter the Japanese market.  

Education: Double major in Entrepreneurship and Industrial Organizational Psychology, City University of New York

Languages: English &  Japanese

Location: Tokyo, Japan

  • LinkedIn

Kim Giliam

  • LinkedIn

Experience: 20+ years commercialising biotechnology in major global markets

Education: B.Sc (Hons) (Monash) MBA (Entrepreneurship and Leadership) (QUT)

Languages: English

Location: Brisbane, Australia


Raj Ramanujam
 Customer Experience Management

Experience: 25+ years in customer experience management and contact center strategy to execution, team leadership

Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial)(Pune) MBA (Massey, NZ)

Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil & Marathi

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

  • LinkedIn

Kalyan Dasgupta
 Senior Commercial Advisor

Experience: 28 years’ experience in both financial and management accounting, with strong commercial acumen to drive business growth and strategic pursuit leadership. Total deal signings of >$2.5 billion in Australia/NZ region over the last 14 years.

Education: CA (Aus), FCCA, ACMA, CGMA, CPA, BBus(Acc) Com

Languages: English, Bengali

Location: Melbourne, Australia

  • LinkedIn

Mark Netto
 Clean Energy Business Development

Experience: 23+ years in Sales, Business development and Entrepreneurship, with the last 15 years working in the Energy Sector across Europe, EMEA, Asia and Australia.

Education: B.E(Mech)(1st Hons), SCEM  

Languages: English

Location: Melbourne, Australia & Singapore

  • LinkedIn
Mark Netto.png

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


New business generated



Indic (Indo-Pacific) Ventures

Based in Melbourne, Emertel’s Indic Ventures is an investment vehicle for Series A scale-up technology ventures entering the Indo-Pacific region. 

Investment Criteria 

  • B2B platform companies with growing recurring revenue streams 

  • Innovative offerings that enrich lives or sustain the planet

  • Committed and vested founding team with a proven track record


Our numbers
Indic Ventures

Partnerships and Affiliations

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Husshed logo white.png

Emertel is proud to partner with Husshed to deliver in-market tailored digital marketing services such as eDMs, SMS, social media & Google Ads campaigns which are designed to raise brand awareness and provoke interest from an existing and new base of customers which align with your ideal customer persona.

In addition, Husshed monitors and optimise these campaigns with Growth Hacking and advanced Analytics tools which provide tremendous insights and value to stake holders which help them redefine their business growth strategies that result in drastically improving their leads, sales conversions, ROI and NPS objectives.


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Emertel is pleased to partner with Japan Entry for your recruitment needs in Japan. Since 1989, Japan Entry has recruited over 200 country directors, sales managers, pre/post-sales engineers and other critical positions for multinational technology companies in the telecom, media, IoT, enterprise ICT and other domains . (See:  

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